10 Best Restaurants in Nixa, MO

Nixa, MO, is a thriving suburban area in Missouri. It offers its residents plenty of housing, recreation, jobs, education, dining, and other opportunities. At least 24,000 people call Nixa their home and continuously praise this charming neighborhood.

Since 2016, the area has seen impressive economic growth, generating more opportunities for business and jobs. Nixa restaurants are a leading driver for this economic boom.

Each establishment is known for its flavorful dishes, vast selection menu, fantastic setting and atmosphere, and superb services. There is no doubt why people from various neighborhoods in Springfield and nearby cities come to Nixa to try the local cuisine!

If you want to know Nixa, MO’s Top 10 best restaurants, you are in the right place! Let’s go!

The Essence of Nixa’s Culinary Scene

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It’s An Identity

Nixa’s restaurants take pride in their food and warm service. The people behind these businesses are part of the city’s community.

If you ask them why they established their business, they would say, “Because we want to make a place for the people to go to,” or something like, “Because it’s our family tradition.”

These people use their skills as an opportunity to express themselves. You can glimpse their heritage and values by sitting at their tables and trying their menu.

For Tourism and Economy

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Nixa is a thriving city south of Springfield and has been developing increasingly. It has a lot of potential, especially in its culinary scene. Its food culture is surprisingly extensive, making it appealing to food lovers. A food trip in Nixa is undoubtedly a day well spent!

It Brings People Closer

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There’s something magical about food that brings people closer. It could be the establishments where customers take up space or the good food that brings out kindness and warmth in them.

What is more important is the effect it has on people. People who share meals feel a connection. It is an unspoken bond that fosters a sense of belonging that is hard to find elsewhere.

The local restaurants in Nixa make this magic happen. Their establishments form communities, and in these communities, people come together to share their stories with others.

Dive into Nixa's Culinary Delights

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Nixa might be a small city compared to Springfield, but this humble suburb should not be underestimated in terms of superb food delights. Residents of this city have access to flavors from all around the globe, saving them a back-and-forth trip to the city.

International Flavors

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Nixa’s culinary scene features various cuisines. There are Japanese, Italian, Korean, Mexican, and American restaurants across the city. You can abandon the thought that living in a small place will dull your taste buds because that will never happen in Nixa!

In fact, due to its variety of flavors, your tongue will never run out of delicious food to try. Whether you are in the mood for sushi, pasta, burrito, or fries, Nixa restaurants have something for your tastebuds to savor!

Mouthwatering BBQ

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Nixa’s barbecue restaurants are a must-visit! They have a casual and inviting atmosphere, perfect for hangouts and casual dining with loved ones. Their tender ribs, chicken wings, and briskets are worth returning for. Don’t miss these blockbuster restaurants, a favorite in the city!

10 Best Restaurants in Nixa, MO

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First on our list is Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant and Bar. It has a fascinating history, and from what we heard, during the restaurant’s early days, it had a regular customer named “Big Whiskey”.

Imagine a man who goes to a local pub only a few times a week but holds such an exciting and intriguing aura whenever he comes. Yes, Big Whiskey is that kind of man!

Someone who talks precisely when needed and only about what should be heard. This legend of Big Whiskeys adds to its allure, making it the perfect place to hang out, chill, and chat with the locals.

⭐Must try:

  • Buffalo Tenders are a must-try because of their irresistible flavor. They consist of hand-breaded chicken tossed in your choice of hot sauce level: mild, hot, or extreme hot!
  • Baby Back Ribs is a half-rack of charcoal-grilled pork ribs in a delicious honey whiskey BBQ sauce. This food is served with mouthwatering loaded fries and coleslaw, guaranteeing a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

Click here to check their extensive menu!

chicken wings with sauce served in nixa restaurants

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Coyote’s Nixa Grille is an ideal spot for chicken wings! This place offers up to 35 flavors that will melt in your mouth. The restaurant has served people from Missouri since 1992 and is still as popular today as ever!

Coyote offers wings, pasta, nachos, salads, soups, quesadillas, and more. It is a great restaurant for people who love sports, food, and great company.

Moreover, the place is also child-friendly. It has an exclusive menu for kids. Its services include dine-in, takeout, delivery, catering, and water serving.


  • Pulled Pork Sandwich is a classic barbecue option. The pork is slow-cooked to perfection and then piled into a bun, resulting in a delicious sandwich. The juiciness of the meat is felt on your tongue on the first bite, and its rich, smokey flavor will leave you craving more.
  • Brisket Sandwich is also one of their bestsellers. The beef is simmered to achieve ultimate tenderness. With the barbecue sauce and delicious sides, this sandwich makes you want to order another round.

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Are you in the mood for smoked brisket? Gettin’ Basted is another perfect barbecue place in Nixa. This restaurant is a must-visit because of its signature smoky dishes.

The place’s inviting atmosphere makes the dining experience memorable. People gather here to enjoy a perfectly cooked barbecue and have fun with the established Getting Basted community.

Try the famous Ozark-style barbecue that is sought after throughout Missouri! Take part in the lively and bustling community of Nixa locals. You will leave with a full stomach and a memorable dining experience.


  • Pulled Pork is a house specialty. It is cooked in an exceptional Ozark-style barbecue technique that makes even the most sophisticated barbecue enthusiasts order more.
  • Austin is a sliced brisket and a beloved menu item. It is simmered to achieve the ideal tenderness and served with an incredibly flavorful barbecue sauce.

You may view their menu here.

ravioli with mushroom and tomato in nixa restaurants

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Piccolo is Nixa’s treasured Italian restaurant. Its sophisticated yet lively atmosphere is perfect for celebrations and dinners.

The menu includes pasta, soups, salads, pizza, and desserts. Piccolo also has a bar counter where customers who want refreshing beverages can order and relax.

Taste the authentic Italian cuisine here in Piccolo and learn why it is a favorite among the locals in Nixa, MO!


  • Fried Beef Raviolis includes six hand-breaded beef-stuffed ravioli served with D’Arpino’s marinara. The crispy exterior complements the tender beef inside, and every crunch is very satisfying!
  • Chocolate Cannoli is Piccolo’s sweet treat. This classic dessert has a rich, creamy filling that melts perfectly. The sweetness is just right, making it an ideal end to a hearty Italian meal.

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El Charro is part of Nixa’s authentic Mexican cuisine line. You can never say no to Mexican food because it is tasty and flavorful. El Charro cooked their dish using fresh ingredients, delivering high-quality food and service.

The establishment’s atmosphere offers a welcoming feel. The interior design makes customers feel the restaurant’s authenticity because of the wall paintings, designs, and plants that give off tropical vibes. There is never a bad meal in El Charro.


  • Mexican Style Enchilada Dinner
  • Enchiladas Espinaca

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El Puente is another Mexican restaurant in Nixa. They offer a welcoming atmosphere that drives customers in.

Praises for El Puente include excellent customer service, delicious and authentic Mexican food, and an affordable and friendly restaurant. They offer kids’ meals, a la carte orders, and vegetarian-friendly dishes. This could be one of the friendliest Mexican places in the city.


  • Shrimp Cocktail is El Puente’s specialty dish. It includes 16 ounces of fresh shrimp sauteed with tomatoes, avocados, onions, and cilantro. They have 20 ounces of fresh shrimp option.
  • Meanwhile, El Puente’s vegetarian entry is the Bean Burrito with Cheese Sauce. It features flavorful beans perfectly wrapped in a warm tortilla with cheese sauce.

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There’s no better Japanese dining experience than Nixa’s famous Hinode Japanese Steakhouse. The menu features hibachi combos, specials, and singles. Their appetizers include different kinds of tempura, edamame, gyoza, and egg rolls, to name a few.

Try their famous hibachi and understand why they have garnered excellent reviews from their previous customers and patrons. Hinode’s popularity stemmed from its superb food, fantastic customer service, and entertaining dining experience.


  • Hinode Royale is Hinode’s triple combination of lobster tail, filet mignon, and grilled scallops. This luxurious combination is perfect for occasions. The filet mignon, grilled scallops, and lobster tail create a rich, flavorful dish that melts in your mouth.
  • Laz Vegas Roll is a popular entry on Hinode’s Sushi menu. Its savory taste will please sushi lovers. It includes smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese with eel, and seafood sauce.

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Are you looking for the best breakfast establishment in Nixa, MO? Nixa Livestock Cafe will surely make you return daily for a delicious breakfast! This humble cafe is a local favorite for its excellent services and tasty food. What’s more about this gem is its charming, homey atmosphere.

Their interior design gives off cozy vibes, and their friendly atmosphere makes customers comfortable. This humble diner could be your next favorite place! Come and meet new people and try appetizing meals!


  • The diner’s Ham and Cheese Omelet is a blockbuster breakfast meal. It includes egg with savory ham and melted cheese.
  • Biscuits and gravy is a famous breakfast dish and is a comfort food for many people. It consists of soft biscuits smothered in tasty and savory sausage gravy.

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Welcome to Nixa’s newest development. This place opened in June 2023, attracting countless people to dine, play, and chat.

14 Mill Market is home to 10 restaurants. These diners offer sweet treats and hearty meals. Here is the list of the restaurants inside the marketplace:

  • Classic Pizza Co. is a pizza hub that offers mouthwatering pizza. It uses premium ingredients, such as artisanal cheeses and freshly sourced produce, to make pizza and other items.
  • London Calling Pasty is the place in Nixa, MO, where you get to experience the taste of Britain’s gourmet in London Calling Pasty. Their handmade baked pasties offer a savory, sweet taste perfect for snacks and meals.
  • Mo Slider Company is home to the best sliders in the city. You can choose between beef or chicken sliders that are equally tasty.
  • Leige Love Waffle Co. is a waffle house where you can buy the sweetest waffles! It is one of the first places residents visit whenever they crave sweet treats, and their savory delights never disappoint.
  • Uptown Hog is another crowd favorite for its expertly cooked barbecue. Grace your taste buds with the tenderness of Uptown Hog’s ribs and brisket and experience a culinary delight repeatedly!
  • The Gochu is a Korean BBQ place in Nixa. Try their famous Super Bowls to experience the world-renowned Korean cuisine.
  • Notcho Ordinary Taco offers extraordinary tacos that captivate and take away hunger! These nachos are crafted to experience tasty tacos.
  • Fresh Poke promises a remarkable culinary journey. Offering nothing but fresh, crunchy, and colorful vegetables, deliciously marinated fish, and exotic toppings, this restaurant is on top of the game.
  • Lindsay’s Kitchen & Bistro offers impressive baked goods. It’s a family-owned business that started in Lindsay’s humble kitchen. Treat yourself to delicious hand-crafted cinnamon rolls and brownies in Lindsay’s Kitchen & Bistro.
  • Sno Biz is a fantastic sweet spot in 14 Mill Market. It offers various shaved ice flavors, milkshakes, and slushes.
  • Wisner Bar is a popular beverage place in Nixa. Its cocktail selection is vast, and prices range from $9 to $12. The drinks are one-of-a-kind, and the place offers refreshments and good company.

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Final Thoughts

“Good food makes people happy” is Nixa, Missouri’s culinary philosophy. This place captivates the hearts and stomachs of its visitors.

Of course, this will all be a talk if you don’t try these restaurants yourself. But one thing is sure: Nixa’s culinary scene will always be loved by many!

Let us know your thoughts and experiences about the restaurants in Nixa, MO! Call, email, or text us to share your stories. Reach out to our team by calling 417-241-6565 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nixa’s culinary scene is focused on the quality of service and food that customers receive. These restaurants receive high customer ratings because they satisfy their taste buds, community engagement, comfort, and value for money.

The 10 restaurants were chosen based on their popularity and ratings scores.

Yes, definitely! Restaurants in Nixa, MO, offer casual vibes and a family-friendly atmosphere. Some restaurants also offer kids’ meals to cater to the little ones’ wants and tastes. People of all ages can visit these restaurants for a hearty dish with their loved ones.