Discovering the Best Neighborhoods in Springfield, MO

Discovering the best neighborhoods in springfield mo

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The beautiful city of Springfield is the third most populous in Missouri, attesting to being one of the best places to live. It is also known as the county seat of Greene County and an urbanized area with plenty of opportunities to dine in, shop, enjoy, and more!

For homebuyers planning to move and start a new life in the Springfield area, we prepared an overview of the lifestyle and some of the best neighborhoods in Springfield, MO. We hope by the end of this article, you can decide if this is the perfect city for you!

Exploring North Springfield

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Historic Charm

Springfield is a paradise of historic sites, so if you want to immerse yourself in the fascinating historical landmarks in Missouri, this city is the place to be!

The northern part has some of the best places to live in Springfield, MO, especially if you are a fan of history. That is a unique trait of North Springfield; although the majority of its community has been highly urbanized, they were able to keep the historic charm, blending perfectly with the convenience offered by modernity.

This museum will captivate you with its vast collection of classic sports cars, rarely seen in modern times. In Springfield, MO, you have the unique opportunity to feast your eyes on the earliest automotive treasures of the road.

Explore the history of the Ozarks at the History Museum on the Square. The interactive exhibits are popular with kids, while adults appreciate the captivating displays that delve into historical events, the city’s development, notable Springfield residents, and other topics.

Family-Friendly Vibes

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Springfield, MO, is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and abundant activities suitable for all ages. The city strikes a perfect balance between convenience and suburban charm, appealing to both adults and children.

Whether you’re interested in visiting museums or aquariums or watching professional sports, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Excellent Education

The Springfield Public School District is Missouri’s most extensive school system and serves the city. Some of the best neighborhoods in Springfield, MO, are highly coveted by families with children due to their proximity to the state’s top educational institutions.

In addition to helping families with school-age children, the outstanding educational system offered by the stellar schools across Springfield, MO, hones students to be ready for a successful life in the future!

Here are some of the schools that families can choose from:

Recreational Opportunities

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North Springfield, Missouri, provides numerous recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. Here are some options to consider:

Venturing into Downtown Springfield

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Urban Living

Urban living is the predominant lifestyle embraced by residents of Springfield, MO. In the downtown area, neighborhoods boast easy access to modern conveniences such as restaurants, shops, parks, and more, all within short walking distances!

Some of the best neighborhoods in Springfield, MO, near the downtown area, feature charming tree-lined streets and foster a strong sense of community. Families, retirees, and young professionals cherish these communities for their accessibility to amenities and services.

In addition to traditional single-family homes, the central area also offers diverse housing options, including townhomes and apartments, providing residents with various living choices to suit their preferences and lifestyles.

Arts and Culture

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Springfield, Missouri, offers a dynamic arts and culture scene filled with diverse attractions and events waiting to be explored. Here are a few noteworthy places to explore:

The Gillioz Theatre on historic Route 66 offers a year-round roster of productions, including plays, operas, comedies, movies, and concerts. In addition, the theater hosts live filming sessions for “The Mystery Hour,” the Emmy Award-winning comedy talk show.

Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium is the world’s largest interactive wildlife attraction.

Explore a 1.5 million-gallon aquarium alongside a wildlife museum featuring 35,000 live mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds. The site also boasts over 1.5 miles of interactive paths and exhibits for visitors to enjoy!

Dining and Entertainment

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The Order Food & Drink is a terrific place to treat yourself to a fine dining experience. This classy restaurant in downtown Springfield offers a sophisticated dinner menu and weekend brunch service.

Here are some of their must-try dishes:

  • Filet Mignon
  • Manicotti
  • Wagyu Smash Burger
  • Lemon tartlet

Greek Belly is a top pick among locals in Springfield for those craving international flavors. It’s a standout spot in Missouri, boasting a charming atmosphere inspired by the owner’s hometown of Valtoner, a picturesque Greek village.

Here are some of their must-try dishes:

  • Artemis Feast
  • Falafel Platter
  • Lamb Souvlaki Pita

Downtown Events

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Springfield’s downtown area is buzzing with regular events, with theaters and other venues constantly showcasing new shows. Here are some of the must-see performances:

Embracing South Springfield

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The South Springfield area is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a charming suburban atmosphere. Here are two of the best neighborhoods in South Springfield, MO:

The Battlefield community stands out as one of Springfield’s historically affluent neighborhoods. Nestled amidst its homes in Battlefield, Missouri, you’ll find nature paths and a public park nearby. At Old Wire Road’s Butterfield Stage Park, visitors can enjoy a paved walking track illuminated at night, providing a serene setting for strolls.

Meanwhile, Trail of Tears Park enhances outdoor experiences with recreational amenities like playgrounds, courts, a peaceful pond with a gazebo, and more.

Rivercut Golf Course is a gated community where luxurious living harmonizes with the beauty of nature. The neighborhood’s focal point is an 18-hole golf course surrounded by stunning scenery.

The neighborhood provides a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts, with many homes boasting stunning views of expansive lakes and elegant fountains.

Educational Excellence

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Mark Twain Elementary School is a public institution offering Pre-Kindergarten to 5th-grade education. Committed to providing accessible education to all learners, the elementary school is a welcoming environment for students of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Cherokee Middle School is a public school catering to grades 6 through 8. Known for its emphasis on developing students’ academic abilities for optimal learning, the school boasts high test scores, indicative of its commitment to providing excellent education and effective school management.

Kickapoo High School, a public institution serving grades 9 through 12, stands out for its dedication to preparing students for college. Focusing on providing advanced coursework, the school equips students to successfully transition to higher education.

Recreational Opportunities

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Final Thoughts

Springfield, MO, has many things to offer. You will find something you love, whether it’s housing, entertainment, dining, shopping, or recreation. The city’s collection of beautiful neighborhoods offers an ideal setting for homebuyers of all backgrounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will not run out of things to do in this city. There are fitness and wellness centers around the area that you may visit for a pamper day. Services in various industries, such as medical, carpentry, house maintenance, and many more, are also very accessible.

The housing market in Springfield tends to have higher prices, but this is often balanced by the area’s desirable amenities and quality of life. As of August 2023, the average home value in Springfield stands at $223,037.

In Springfield, MO, the overall cost index is 81.8, reflecting the cost of living, which is 18.2% lower than the national average of 100. Its low cost of living adds to why it is an attractive city to live in.

To learn more about the cost of living in Springfield, MO, you may visit our blog post at

Yes! There are plenty of outdoor recreations that you can try in Springfield, MO.

Springfield, Missouri, now has a plethora of job possibilities available. Some of the most common jobs are social workers, recreation workers, medical-related jobs, electricians, executive secretaries, human resources specialists, and carpenters.