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A Closer Look at Ozark, MO Schools

The Ozark School District is a vibrant educational hub in the Greater Springfield region of Missouri. 

The district provides learning opportunities for students of all ages through various academic programs. These include Advanced Placement and dual credit courses, which ensure students receive a high-quality education. Ozark also boasts a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs and hosts annual community events. These serve to provide students with an outlet to explore their interests. The district strives to create a safe learning atmosphere with comprehensive safety protocols and qualified staff. These factors make Ozark School District attractive to families. Call us today to find homes near the best schools in the area. 

Featured image of East Elementary for the Ozark School District Page
Credit: Image by Kelly Sikkema Source
302 North 4th Avenue, Ozark, MO 65721

Academic excellence is the main focus of this school, providing a dynamic learning experience for its students which include unconventional activities. Some of these activities include fourth-grade students exploring a quarry, second-grade students simulating a transplant, and students celebrating Missouri Day. The school also encourages the community to support its students. Residents can participate in the Ozark Adopt-A-Tiger football program.

Featured image of Finley River School for the Ozark School District Page
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1600 West Jackson, Ozark, MO 65721

Finley River School is a public high school in Ozark, Missouri, serving grades 9 to 12. Its goal is to make students positive societal contributors and prepare them for a successful future through alternative learning methods. The school offers resources for mental health support and encourages self-care. Former students praise the teachers and staff who go above and beyond to help their students succeed. The teachers have also provided valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the classroom. 

Featured image of Ozark Junior High School for the Ozark School District Page
Credit: Image by Alexis Brown Source
1109 West Jackson Street, Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark Junior High School is a highly-rated Missouri public school serving grades 8 to 9. It is among the top 20% of all schools in the state, celebrating diversity and creativity. This vibrant and active community offers many programs and initiatives that allow students to explore their passions and engage in hands-on learning. The school emphasizes student safety and well-being and encourages teamwork and collaboration. 

Featured image of North Elementary School for the
Credit: Image by Paige Cody Source
3608 State Highway NN, Ozark, MO 65721

North Elementary School embodies the spirit of community and dedication to academic excellence. This school is highly rated, with 70-72% of students at least proficient in math and reading. Teachers are trained to go above and beyond. They aim to provide a high-quality education for students. Engagement with students and families are encouraged through events, such as the “Meet the Teacher” event. Other ways they reach out to parents are through mailers and newsletters. Remedial education through summer school programs are also available. 

Featured image of Ozark High School for the Ozark School District Page
Credit: Image by Taylor Flowe Source
1350 West Bluff Drive, Ozark, MO 65721

This high school serving grades 9-12 is similar to Ozark School District teaching institutions and boasts excellent academic and athletic programs. The school offers various extracurricular activities, such as sports teams, clubs, and organizations. It also provides AP, dual credit courses, and Career and Technical Education programs. Around 80% of its students are proficient in reading. Ozark High School is a buzzing hub of activity with students and teachers engaged in various activities. The school is proud of their choir program, winning multiple awards. The boys’ soccer team won many district championships. The girls’ wrestling program is also making waves. Students can use ICAP night to plan schedules and goals. 

Featured image of Ozark Middle School for the Ozark School District Page
Credit: Image by Vince Fleming Source
3600 State Highway NN, Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark Middle School is an active and engaged educational institution. It hosts various extracurricular activities, such as chess tournaments and sports clinics for students to take part in. The school celebrates the achievements of its students through monthly Student of the Month awards. This activity recognizes positive character traits like resiliency and critical thinking. It also celebrates Veterans Day, showing its commitment to recognizing and honoring service to the community. Overall, this institution prioritizes student development and community engagement.

Featured image of Ozark South Elementary for the
Credit: Image by stem.T4L Source
1250 West South Street, Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark South Elementary is renowned for its achievements, with teachers who have impressive qualifications to guide students and staff. The school adopts the principles of teaching respect, responsibility, and vigilance. It offers impressive programs and activities aimed to challenge students to utilize their skills.  First graders can engage in entrepreneurial activities through fun projects. The school offers free summer school with breakfast and lunch. It also celebrates fun events like Dr. Seuss’s birthday. 

Featured image of Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center for the
Credit: Image by Ben White Source
302 N 4th Avenue, Ozark, MO 65721

This preschool’s school board is known for leadership and dedication toward the students and staff. Social workers play a vital role in helping students, guiding them to overcome academic, social, and emotional challenges. The center encourages preschool screening registration, as investing in children early improves academic, cognitive, social, emotional, language, and adaptive skills. It also hosts various events, including National School Breakfast Week, and family events, such as STEM night and Book Fairs.

Featured image of Ozark West Elementary for the Ozark School District Page
Credit: Image by Christopher Ryan Source
3105 West State Highway CC, Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark West Elementary School is a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. It focuses on developing students’ values, readiness for kindergarten, and a sense of community. There are an array of fun activities for students to enjoy and explore their skills, including The Ozark West Fun Run, Art to Remember program, Science Lab for fourth graders, and Father-Daughter Dance. These programs aim to foster social qualities in them and create lifelong memories. The school also offers kindergarten screening. 

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