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Smallin Civil War Cave

Discovering Smallin Civil War Cave in Ozark, MO

Smallin Civil War Cave is a remarkable Ozark historical treasure in the Greater Springfield area of Missouri. 

This cave was once known as the Fountain Cave. It was owned by Elbridge Gerry Smallin and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Stapp, who purchased the property in 1867. It was transformed into a shelter for traveling soldiers during the Civil War. Union Forces even used it as a munitions warehouse to store powder kegs and cannonballs far back inside the cave. It was listed in 2018 as a Historic District through the National Register of Historic Places. Today, visitors can explore the cave to learn about its geology and history. If you are looking for real estate experts around the area, our team is just a call away!

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PWD ACCESS: Smallin Civil War Cave is an extraordinary destination that’s made even more remarkable by its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. People of all abilities and ages can explore this fantastic historical site. Special care has been taken to make the cave’s navigation accessible. Its entrance is 55 feet tall and 100 feet wide, with no stairs or steep slopes for people with mobility issues. The friendly staff is trained to provide additional support for seniors and people with disabilities. Everyone can experience this remarkable place comfortably and safely.

NATURAL WONDER: This geographical treasure boasts a natural beauty that allows visitors to explore and discover exciting aspects of the cave. The immediate eye-catchers are the stunning geological formations. These include stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and draperies. Locals can also look for fossils and gemstones to take the experience further. The landmark is also filled with rare cave life. Smallin Cave teems with unusual and endangered species. Explorers can see creatures like blind cave salamanders and bristly cave crayfish.

TOUR OPTIONS: Smallin Civil War Cave offers different tours throughout the year. The regular tour, which takes about an hour, explores the history and nature aspects of the cave, allowing visitors to discover Ozark’s history. Helmets and headlamps are available to rent for the duration of the program. Civil War Lantern Tours are offered during the fall. Visitors can gather around the campfire during this time and enjoy southern food, storytelling, and a lantern-light trip through the cave. Wild cave tours last for two hours and traverse an off-beaten path. You’ll have to walk through at least two feet of 54-degree water and overcome rugged terrain.

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Homes near Smallin Civil War Cave, MO

10 Real Estate Facts About Homes Near Smallin Civil War Cave, MO

  • The areas surrounding Smallin Civil War Cave comprises single-family homes. There are no condos or apartments for sale.
  • The single-family starter homes are between the $212,000 and $289,000 price range.
  • Entry-level homes within the cave’s vicinity measure around 1,416 to 1,587 square feet.
  • Lot sizes in the area vary. And even though the beginner homes are smaller, lot sizes start at 1.8 to 2 acres.
  • Compared to starter properties, the lot sizes of higher-value homes are between 5 and 6.74 acres.
  • Prime properties near the area fall under the 2,954 to 5,508 square foot mark.
  • Premium quality homes near the attraction typically cost homebuyers $350,000 to $724,000.
  • Starter homes feature two- to three-bedroom properties.
  • Larger homes around this area can have as many as five bedrooms.
  • The dominating architecture in the surrounding area is one-story Ranch-style properties.
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Smallin Civil War Cave is at Smallin Road in Ozark. You can take Highway 65 to the Ozark/Route EE exit to reach the cave and head east. Then turn left onto North Smallin Road and follow the signs to the cave.

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Schools Near Smallin Civil War Cave

School NameGradesAdmission
High Pointe Elementary SchoolK - 4Public
Cherokee Middle School6 - 8Public
Ozark High School9 - 12Public